Cleaning Duty (CMS math question)

There are 32 students in Steve’s class and every day from Monday through Friday, 6 students, in order of their student number take turns cleaning. If on a Monday, students with numbers 1 – 6 cleaned the class, after how many weeks and a what day will it be their turn again? 
On each day, 6 students take turn to clean the class room. Since the cleaning is only from Monday to Friday so each week will have  5 days. So it will need 6 x 5 = 30 students each week for cleaning
Then after the first week students number 1 – 30 will take turn for cleaning, On the second week there also need 30 students to clean this time will be from number 31 – 28 and third week for 29 – 26.
Monday of the fourth week it will be number 27 – 32 turn. The the next day number 1-6 will cleaning together against.
So on the fourth week and using 17 days for number 1-6 to take turn clearing together against. 

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